Nuit Debout. A new bottom-up movement on the streets of France

Arena Magazine 142 2016, 130-134. Read the original here. Since Tahrir Square and Zuccotti Park, the occupation of public space has imposed itself as the Left’s globally favoured mode of confrontation with the standing political order. The most recent example—the ‘Nuit Debout’ (‘Up All Night’) movement in France—captured public attention at the end of March… Continue reading Nuit Debout. A new bottom-up movement on the streets of France

The roots of Islamophobia in France

Jacobin, 29 August 2016. Read the original here. Read a German translation here. Read a Bosnian translation here. The “Burkini ban” pursued in Cannes and about thirty other towns might have just been overturned in the French courts, but it was only the latest and most absurd Islamophobic assault endured by Muslims in the country.… Continue reading The roots of Islamophobia in France

Islamophobia, secularism and the French Left

Solidarity online, 19 August 2016. Read the original here. Introduction For as long as Muslim people have been living in modern France, they have endured violence and exploitation at the hands of French capital and the French state. The intensity of this violence has varied in different periods, but it has intensified since the jihadist… Continue reading Islamophobia, secularism and the French Left