University deregulation

Arena magazine 134, February-March 2015. Read the original here. Another parliamentary term, another broadside against the shaky foundations of the Australian welfare state. Following its humiliations over Medicare and the travesty of the Philip knighthood, there would seem to be few other measures left for the government to stake its credibility on than its plans… Continue reading University deregulation

The battle to save our universities is now

New Matilda, October 28 2014. Read the original here. ‘When one sees how people behave when they are all alone,’ noted Gorky in My Universities, ‘they appear to be insane.’ Insanity isn’t one of the obvious traits of the tiny coterie of Australian Vice-Chancellors. But given the broader political context, VCs’ support for university fee… Continue reading The battle to save our universities is now

The Vice-Chancellors and the budget

New Matilda, July 3 2014. Read the original here. Any serious discussion of university funding and this year’s budget must recognise a simple fact: nothing good for higher education can come of the reforms Joe Hockey announced on May 13. The mood of public anger tapped by the recurrent student protests in the budget’s aftermath… Continue reading The Vice-Chancellors and the budget

Sandstone academics up against the wall

New Matilda, February 4, 2013. Read the original here. Of all the arenas prey to neoliberal reforms, few have witnessed such extensive transformation in recent decades as universities. Withdrawal of government funding; cuts to courses, most recently at La Trobe and Monash; swollen tutorials; less face-to-face teaching; the embrace of competition as the governing principle… Continue reading Sandstone academics up against the wall