Jonathan Holmes’ Defence Of Offshore Detention Is Cultivated Racism In Action

New Matilda, 5 May, 2016. Read the original here. On Wednesday, following the horrifying self-immolations and spate of suicide attempts on Nauru, Jonathan Holmes used his Age column to break his previous silence on the Pacific Solution. The result? A gift to Peter Dutton, one of the most hypocritical and effective apologias for Australian brutality… Continue reading Jonathan Holmes’ Defence Of Offshore Detention Is Cultivated Racism In Action

France, its war on terror, and the intellectuals

New Matilda, December 2 2015. Read the original here. With the immediate trauma of the Paris attacks receding, the West’s latest war on terror remains the object of substantial public consensus in France, both in its military and its domestic ‘security’ components. Fear, shock and panic are not the only reasons. The government’s choice to… Continue reading France, its war on terror, and the intellectuals

No news from Manus

New Matilda, January 14, 2013. Read the original here. Since December, the Immigration department has increasingly censored refugees’ ability to communicate with the outside world. Its petty and vindictive restrictions on this basic freedom are likely to deepen the ongoing mental health crisis within detention, both offshore and domestically. On Sunday, three Iraqi men made… Continue reading No news from Manus

Distortions and lies on refugees

New Matilda, August 22, 2012. Read the original here. Last week’s decision to resume offshore processing on Nauru and Manus Island represents much more than either a clear political vindication of the Coalition or the latest cynical assault on refugees by the Australian state. Quite aside from its immediate human and political consequences, last week’s… Continue reading Distortions and lies on refugees