Distortions and lies on refugees

New Matilda, August 22, 2012. Read the original here. Last week’s decision to resume offshore processing on Nauru and Manus Island represents much more than either a clear political vindication of the Coalition or the latest cynical assault on refugees by the Australian state. Quite aside from its immediate human and political consequences, last week’s… Continue reading Distortions and lies on refugees

How Bowen lied about Malaysia

New Matilda, October 25, 2011. Read the original here. There are many ways to lie in politics. Politicians can lie directly, by saying something that is untrue. Lies can also be indirect, through omissions, ambiguity, false implication, or by failure to set the record straight when it is necessary to do so. Some may prefer… Continue reading How Bowen lied about Malaysia

For desperate boat people, devil is in the deal’s detail – or lack of it

Sydney Morning Herald, July 28, 2011. See original here. The Malaysia deal demonstrates how much the major parties distort the facts to win approval, and how easily the urgent moral imperatives of the refugee issue are swept aside. Consider this analogy: while driving on a remote road, you are flagged down by badly-injured survivors of… Continue reading For desperate boat people, devil is in the deal’s detail – or lack of it