Nick Riemer

I’m a Linguistics academic based in Sydney, also involved in political activism of different kinds. This is an archive of the ephemera I’ve written on various political and other topics since 2011. There are also some hopefully less ephemeral, longer pieces. I tend to think that, nine times out of ten, the most useful thing anyone can do for progressive movements is hand out leaflets or otherwise contribute to practical organising – but sometimes writing things makes sense too. The site’s title is taken from Trotsky: ‘to the sectarian discussion is a goal in itself. However, the more he discusses, the more the actual tasks escape him. He is like a man who satisfies his thirst with salt water; the more he drinks, the thirstier he becomes’. I’m @NickRiemer1 on Twitter. You can email me at nick [dot] riemer [at] sydney [dot] edu [dot] au.